Online Tutoring for Learners & Guides

Online Tutoring for Learners & Guides, Class Scheduling, Payments


Learner/Student :
1.Learner can signup for different courses based on their choice
2.Learner can pick suitable payment options i.e one time payment or monthly payment
3. Learner can pay using stripe & will be automatically billed if monthly options is selected 4.Learner needs to verify his/her email
5. Learner can login will be able to see dashboard
6. Learner can schedule the lessons from subscribed courses list. He has the option to select tutor, date & time. Tutor availability is defined from admin
7. Learner can schedule on 5 lessons if monthly payment options is selected.
8. Next month automatically next 5 lessons will be unlocked
9. Failed subscription can be renewed by learner using preferred credit card payment on stripe
10.learner will automatically get 36 hour & 1 hour before the lessons starts on email
11.All sessions are automatically scheduled via zoom meeting
12. Classes can be cancelled and rescheduled 24 hours prior to scheduled time.
13. Learner can manage account
14. Learner can view all classes from monthly calendar
14. Learner can schedule classes in pair
15. Learner can view all payments receipt

Tutor/ guide:
1. Can mange the profile
2. Define their availability
3. Gets all scheduled classes on email, join classes from email
4. Can view monthly calendar

Admin :
1. Define courses
2.Define all lessons
3. Manage learners
4. Manage tutors
5. Define shifts
6. Define tutor availability
7.manage all plans & features
8. View all payments.


We developed a complete solution for Online registration, Course selection & enrollment. After enrollment, call scheduling automatically via zoom. Email notification prior to class start. payment for courses, unlocking of courses after payment is done etc

The Result of Our Work

Currently it is widely used by several online tutoring companies their tutors & several students have enrolled. Application is live in the market & can be easily converted to mobile app

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